Epic ANTI-AGING Health
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About This Project


Longevity, Youth, & Health. A Natural Approach.

Newly updated December 2020.

Do you believe a form of medicine that is well over 5,000 years old could have some glimpse into what our bodies need for longevity, youth, and good healthTraditional Chinese Medicine has much to teach us about maintaining good health in general… and slowing down the aging process.  Because of their many years of proven results, this is why I became fascinated with it and made it a point to use (TCM) Traditional Chinese Medicine also in my practice. Why do you ask, do we need to use Traditional Chinese Medicine when modern, scientific, allopathic medicine is available to us? The reason is that diseases and ailments that cannot be cured by Western medicine can be overcome with Traditional Chinese Medicine successfully.


In this article I focus on achieving feelings of youth, health and longevity naturally. There are many common factors you have probably heard of that cause one to feel old, aged and unhealthy. Yet, Chinese Medicine has found the most important causeImmune Deficiency. What does this mean? Simply put, it means that people have become so weak that they get sick easily and frequently. The Chinese Academy of Medical Science has pointed out from recent research that among 25 people over 60, and 20 people between 20 and 30 years old, the ratio of T cells (cells that are thymus gland-dependent and determine our immune function) in the group of those over 60 years old was lower than in the group of people between 20 and 30 years old. Fascinating!

This clearly shows the link between aging and immune deficiency! If our immune function is impaired, the survival of the body is in jeopardy. The immune function guards against any harmful infections so that the body can function normally without disease. If we are to live long AND healthy, we must slow down the aging process of our bodies. Yes. We know it is impossible to live forever. Yet, there is no question that we can slow down the aging process. If you wish to live a long life, (who is joining me to over 100 years old, or even age 127?) you must understand the aging process to effectively slow it down.

Immune deficiency, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is associated with the condition of the Kidneys. The kidneys are known as “the clocks of the body”. History points to many Chinese scholars and physicians who achieved longevity by eating kidney traditional Chinese herbs and tonics. In My Teaching to Posterity, a literary classic by a Chinese scholar named Yan Zhi-Tui in the 6th century, he said, “I have been in the habit of eating kidney tonics throughout my life, which is why I could still read fine print when 70 years old with no gray hair on my head.”. Even two Chinese emperors were famous for their longevity due to their firm beliefs in Traditional Chinese Medicine and to their regular practice of taking kidney tonics: Emperor Jia-Jing and Emperor Qian-Long.

Apart from a clear understanding of the need to focus on Kidney health for Immune health, bringing the right foods and nutrients into the body is a factor that also enhances longevity. Prescription for Acute Diseases, a Chinese medical book published in the 3rd century, said, “Good health is first and foremost to be found in foods (and Chinese medicine refers to herbs and roots as food); anyone who does not know how to eat the right foods (remember, herbs and roots are food) cannot stay in good health.” In short, when our immune function is deficient, our bodies will not be able to resist disease, if our bodies cannot resist disease, it cannot survive for long, since we live in environments full of potential toxins and enemies. To live long, it is necessary to make weak people stronger so that they don’t become sick so often, which is the first and essential step to be taken in the pursuit of Longevity, Youth, and Health.

Again, anyone joining me to 127 years of age? (This is my secret goal;) Looking young, of course, goes hand in hand with all of this. Premature wrinkles, sagging skin, dry skin, oily skin, things that not only women, but also men are concerned about, are very much symptoms that show immediately when the body is not nourished properly. With body balancing nutrient Chinese herbs, these symptoms show improvement dramatically quickly. And Ladies, if you are in your 40’s, are still being asked to show identification for any given reason, and being mistaken for being in your 20’s, then you’re doing something right! (Wink, wink) Let’s keep it that way!

I recommend to patients a specific combination of Traditional Medicine supplements for longevity, anti-aging, disease prevention, and structural health which includes hair, skin, and bones, and are what I use personally as well!

Enjoy life, and live long and healthy!