Epic mental health
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About This Project


Our minds are a Universe within us. If our mental activity is enhanced, if we have good circulation to the brain, if our brain is nourished, then our mood will feel lifted, and of our nerves are stable, we can fight against depression, panic attacks, and anxiety.  When psychosis set in a person is susceptible to hallucinations delusions scattered thoughts and power neuer. Anti psychotic drugs have harmful side effects known to do more harm than good. Deep body imbalances that cause all these internal disruptions making one feel they are losing their minds are relieved and overcome with the use of natural herbal therapies nutritional foods that improve body chemistry and body work exercise that increases oxygen within the body and is magnificent for the head. Allow me to empower you, supporting your wellbeing, and overcoming your mental health suffering, so you can experience a renewed love for life!


Schizophrenia: Helping The Mind and Body Heal


A psychosis very common in today’s day and age is Schizophrenia. Those suffering with this mental disorder, and their loved ones, feel despair when nothing seems to help. But some people have figured out how to overcome schizophrenia, helping the mind and body heal by bringing the mind and body back to a state of balance.

Schizophrenia is characterized by specific symptoms such as: random, scattered thoughts, delusions, paranoia to extreme paranoia, disordered perception, and hallucinations. Chemical anti-psychotic drugs do not seem to help the problem and end up causing more harm along with unwanted side effects. The schizophrenic person feels misunderstood and keeps to himself / herself, withdrawing from others in social gatherings and emotionally.

Anti-psychotic drugs cause a side effect called Tardive Diskinesia. This side effect is characterized by psychosis symptoms that become heightened, the person seems to be dragging their body during normal tasks, is lethargic, angry and sad outbursts tend to happen often.

Natural, herbal therapies have proven to have a successful track record for helping the mind and body heal from TD and schizophrenia.

Causes of Schizophrenia? This psychosis develops from environmental and genetic disorders. The wrong foods play a big part in this mental illness. Dairy and lactose intolerance, yeast and candida albicans overgrowth, wheat intolerance and gluten allergy are of the main issues many schizophrenics suffer from. Sugar imbalances are also common in schizophrenics from diabetes to hypoglycemia. Many schizophrenics are also smokers because of a gene found in the nicotine receptors. Because of all these imbalances, many schizophrenics abuse their prescribed medications and other drugs to feel ‘high’.

I have recommend to patients natural herbal therapy combinations to successfully support them in overcoming this mental health challenge, helping to nourish and increase circulation to the brain, increase brain activity, and balance nerves and mood.